Eureka Resources Broadens 2013 Expansion Plans to Meet Growing Demand for Wastewater Recycling in Marcellus Shale

Williamsport, PA – July 25, 2013 — Eureka Resources, LLC, which operates a gas well wastewater treatment plant in Williamsport, PA, for natural gas companies in the Marcellus Shale, has announced plans to construct a third facility to meet the growing and diverse needs for gas well wastewater management.

Plans to construct an additional facility in Williamsport have just been finalized.  Eureka Resources, LLC (Eureka) has initiated construction of the first phase of a 10,000 barrel per day oil and gas wastewater treatment facility on a 4.54-acre parcel located off Reach Road at 208 Catawissa Avenue in Williamsport, PA. The facility will specialize in the treatment of wastewater generated during the development and operation of oil and gas wells, including wells producing gas from unconventional formations such as the Marcellus and Utica Shales. This Eureka facility will be constructed in two phases as follows:

  • Phase 1: Site Development, Bulk Treatment Facility and One Bulk Storage Tank
  • Phase 2: The Remainder of the Treatment System and Storage Tanks

The Phase 1 aspects are scheduled to be operational by October 2013.  This plant will be the third Eureka treatment facility to come online.  In March, the company broke ground on construction of a second 10,000 barrel per day treatment facility on a 22-acre site in Standing Stone Township near Towanda.  That plant is also scheduled to be operational in October 2013.

The new Williamsport facility will ultimately add an additional 10,000 barrel per day capacity for pretreatment of natural gas drilling and production wastewater. The treated effluent/distillate will either be trucked offsite by licensed/permitted haulers for beneficial reuse by gas well developers or discharged to the Williamsport Sanitary Authority (WSA) under an indirect discharge permit.

According to Daniel J. Ertel, Chief Executive Officer of Eureka Resources, in 2012, as much as 75 percent of the water being used in fracking operations in the Marcellus Shale Play has been recycled and/or reused.

“Customers find that the economics of recycling wastewater for reuse and the benefits from an environmental standpoint are working well for them.  Growth in the natural gas industry in this area mandates that we continue expansion to ensure enough capacity to meet their needs,” Ertel says.

The company’s flagship Williamsport wastewater treatment plant has been operating since 2008 and has undergone multiple upgrades to expand service capabilities. That plant is permitted to handle 10,000 barrels of wastewater per day. It is the only facility treating Marcellus wastewater that discharges to a POTW via an indirect discharge permit.

Company officials say the recycling and reuse of treated wastewater decreases the need for freshwater and reduces truck traffic and deep well injection disposal.  More than two dozen companies in the Marcellus Shale use Eureka’s wastewater management services.



Eureka Resources is based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The company offers water resource management solutions for pretreatment, discharge, reuse, recycling, and disposal for companies operating in the Marcellus Shale. The company’s current expansion efforts in the region are ensuring growing capacity and implementation of advanced technologies to meet continued growth in demand.  For more information, visit