Judges Comments

“The Standing Stone facility is the gold standard for this industry, acceptance by CRSD, beneficial reuse is outstanding, and recovering Methanol is unique, as far as I know. Great presentation.”

“Eureka have become a true service provider of choice, covering all eventualities of the water disposal and treatment services, with a real focus on safety, compliance, customer satisfaction and innovation.”

Corporate Overview

Eureka is focused on providing oil and gas exploration and production companies with a suite of water management and treatment services, including waste/wastewater transportation services, treatment of wastewater at advanced centralized wastewater treatment facilities, storage of raw and treated wastewater, management of waste residuals, and production of usable byproducts.

Eureka has in-house capabilities to permit-design-build-operate centralized treatment facilities throughout the Marcellus basin. The highlight of Eureka’s treatment scheme involves use of mechanical treatment systems to minimize wastewater volumes, and generate freshwater effluent and reusable byproducts, including high-purity sodium chloride and calcium chloride salts, and heavy liquid mixed chloride brines. Eureka is the only provider of treatment services in PA that has deployed treatment technologies necessary for safe discharge of treated effluent to surface waters, compliance with the PADEP’s stringent dewasting requirements, and recovery of resuable byproducts from the wastewater generated in the region. This model allows for “cradle to grave” management of oil and gas wastewater at centralized facilities, resulting in return of freshwater to the hydrologic cycle, recovery of reusable byproducts, and risk mitigation for the industry. Eureka currently operates three centralized facilities in PA, serving a wide range of E&P companies. Eureka has plans to build additional treatment facilities in the region using our permit-design-build-operate model.

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