Gas well wastewater treatment – Standing Stone Facility

In March 2013, Eureka Resources broke ground on the construction of a new oil and gas well wastewater treatment facility to serve producers involved in Marcellus Shale development. This facility will be located just off of Route 6 in Standing Stone Township, Bradford County, near Towanda, PA. Like the Williamsport plant, this facility is conveniently located for developers and producers.


This facility provides pretreatment of raw oil and gas brines, and also is capable of producing de-wasted freshwater effluent utilizing patented treatment process. The process employs MVR crystallizer technology, which processes pretreated wastewater into distilled water, commercial-grade, commercially-saleable sodium chloride salt, and heavy calcium chloride brine. De-wasting of the distilled water generated by the crystallizer is achieved via a patented polishing treatment process, which employs membrane biological reactor (MBR), ion exchange, and reverse osmosis (RO) treatment technologies. Effluent from these processes is fit for direct surface water discharge, via a NPDES permit issued to the facility, and for unrestricted usage considering Eureka is able to achieve de-wasting standards set forth by the PADEP, and is the only WMGR123-permitted facility to demonstrate that capability in PA. Future expansion plans currently being engineered include the addition of methanol rectification, calcium chloride crystallization, and lithium recovery technologies.


The Standing Stone facility has a capacity of 10,000 barrels (420,000 gallons) per day of brine pretreatment, 5,000 barrels per day of crystallizer capacity, and an additional 2,500 barrels per day of MVR distillation capacity.

Standing Stone Facility

34640 Route 6 • Wysox, PA 18854