Wastewater pretreatment - Williamsport Reach Road Facility

Eureka Resources has opened its third facility, located on Reach Road in Williamsport, convenient to Marcellus Shale production sites. This facility was built in 2013 to meet the growing need for pretreatment of flowback and produced wastewater from gas wells in the area. The facility can store more than a million and a half gallons of wastewater from oil and gas production prior to pretreatment. At this facility, bag filtration is used to remove high concentrations of Total Dissolved Solids.


The second phase of construction will be completed in 2014 and will provide pretreatment of raw wastewater from well sites and will offer treated distilled water for immediate drilling and production reuse.


When the second phase of construction is complete, this facility will have capacity to pretreat 420,000 gallon per day.

Williamsport Reach Road Facility

208 Catawissa Ave • Williamsport, PA 17701