A proven crystallization technology has been configured to further treat gas well wastewater and recover dissolved solids (salt), as well as more distilled water. Crystallization technology results in further reduction of disposal costs and increased opportunities by Eureka to reuse the waste by-products from the gas drilling and production processes. Eureka is the first company in the wastewater treatment industry to implement this capability in the Marcellus Shale. Specifically, the crystallizer technology will allow Eureka to recover sodium chloride and calcium chloride. This technology will help reduce disposal costs for drilling and production companies while maximizing the return of water to the hydrologic cycle.

Crystallization Technology

Eureka Resources provides the necessary level of development and produced wastewater treatment services for cost-effective, efficient recycle and/or disposal in compliance with all Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) regulations. The composition of wastewater from gas fields is extremely variable, and when wastewater streams contain very high levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), they require additional treatment for reuse or disposal. To efficiently manage the variables, Eureka Resources utilizes a technology that is capable of producing clean distilled water, concentrated brine, dry sodium chloride (NaCl) salt and approximately 30% calcium chloride (CaCl). Eureka has identified multiple beneficial reuse opportunities for both NACl and CaCl.

Eureka uses a proven mechanical vapor recompression crystallizer technology manufactured by Salt and Evaporation Plants, Ltd, which has been successfully used for brine management and dry salt manufacture throughout the world. This technology can efficiently treat both flowback and produced wastewater that contains total dissolved solid concentrations in excess of 150,000 parts per million and recover between 75 and 95 percent as distilled water. The distilled water can be returned to the field for recycle uses or can be indirectly discharged to a publicly owned treatment works (POTW) for further treatment and subsequent discharge to local waterways to return it to the hydrologic cycle. The distilled water can also be further treated (dewasted) on-site allowing direct discharge (returning it to the hydrologic cycle) or storage in fresh water impoundments for recycle by developers. The concentrated brine is either beneficially recycled for use by developers or hauled to Ohio for deep well injection.

Eureka Resources consistently meets Pennsylvania’s requirements regarding removal of dissolved solids from wastewaters generated by producers in the region. The company has proven its ability to recover a large proportion of distilled water for return to producers for reuse or indirect discharge to a local POTW.