Gas well wastewater treatment facilities

As the needs of natural gas development and production companies working in Pennsylvania have increased, Eureka Resources has expanded to meet their production requirements for adequate pretreatment, recycling, and disposal of gas well wastewater. The company currently provides centralized treatment, recycling and/or disposal of flowback/produced waters (wastewaters), as well as waste drilling fluids generated as a result of nonconventional natural gas exploration and development activities in the Marcellus Shale. Eureka placed its first centralized pretreatment facility in operation in November 2008 in Williamsport, PA with a capacity of approximately 4,800 barrels per day (bpd) or 200,000 gallons per day. The facility was originally permitted by the PADEP Bureau of Waste Management under WMGR119. In 2010, Eureka opened an expanded centralized treatment facility which is currently capable of treating/recycling up to 10,000 bpd (420,000 gallons) of flowback/produced wastewater daily. The facility permit was converted to a WMGR123 permit at this same time, as authorized by the PADEP Bureau of Waste Management.

Eureka has the most comprehensive centralized wastewater treatment capabilities in the Marcellus play. Eureka's customers request various levels of treatment with the goal of maximizing recycle of:

  • Pretreated Water - water treated to reduce the suspended solids and heavy metals content and readily-settleable dissolved constituents.
  • Distilled Water - water treated to remove more soluble dissolved solids,
  • Concentrated Brine - water very high in TDS which can be reused as a drilling fluid additive

Eureka is in the process of planning, permitting, designing, and constructing additional facilities to provide wastewater treatment/disposal services in support of nonconventional E&P activities.

Concentrated Brine Management Options:

  • Further centralized treatment using mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) crystallizers, with beneficial reuse of a dewatered sodium chloride, calcium chloride and other purge stream byproducts
  • Deep well injection in Ohio and/or West Virginia
  • Tertiary treatment of distilled water using membrane biological reactors (MBR) followed by reverse osmosis (RO) to generate dewasted water for unrestricted reuse [Patent Pending].
  • Establishment of up to three more centralized treatment facilities in Pennsylvania, as well as possible expansion into Ohio and West Virginia.
  • Dedicated producer centralized or satellite treatment and/or storage facilities.

Eureka's facilities are designed and permitted as mirror facilities. The actual unit processes installed and operational at each facility are dependent on the geographic needs of the customers utilizing the facility and the applicable regulatory requirements